Freeze it Right, Freeze It Good

Freeze it Right, Freeze It Good

In this fast-paced world of 21st century where fourth industrial revolution is the be all and end all in everyone’s life, people are walking fast (literally) to catch as much time they could to earn a living. While the Earth is rotating somehow faster than it was back in the good old days, it’s hard for someone who is married to working life to actually be there at the kitchen for hours preparing proper meal for himself. In relation to the said issue, frozen food has been introduced to cater to the time and needs of these industrious people. Now, it can be found in almost every country in this world, be it the frozen food Malaysia, frozen food Singapore as well as frozen food New Zealand. However, what if you wish to freeze the food on your own? Should you just stack your meat, poultry and fish together in one compartment of your fridge? Well, hey, for your information, there are a few guidelines you need to follow to ensure your protein is being well frozen and safe to consume.

First and foremost, for meat in general, it is important that you store it in the freezer as soon as possible in order to avoid large formation of ice crystals being formed on the meat during the process. Be sure to set the temperature to 0 Fahrenheit or perhaps lower as microorganisms cannot live at said temperature. Apart from that, it is best to keep your meat at protin-sized while labeling the portion with the exact storage date. Say if you wish to store a smaller portion meat, make sure to wrap it carefully, double wrap it if possible, to avoid the exposure of air onto the meat. Next, be sure to lay them in single layer the first time you freeze it so that they could evenly be froze. As for poultry, it is vital to store chicken breast as soon as you bought it from the supermarket, well, that only if you don’t want to get salmonella. Bear in mind that this kind meat supplier singapore of meat cannot be kept in the fridge for more than 2 days. If you want to freeze it after the initial freezing process, be sure to pack it in plastic airtight bags. Say if the poultry looks grey or somehow dried out, be warned that it has undergone freezer burn.

When it comes to fish, be sure to pick the freshest one. If it’s in its whole size, it must be cut down to pieces before freezing. Be attentive on what types of fish are you trying to freeze. Freshwater fish should be pre-treated in two different methods for the best result. Lean fish should be soaked in a brine while the fattier ones should be dipped in cold water and scorbutic acid. This method should be taken into consideration in order to avoid the flavor from changing. Also, make sure to separate the fish if you are to store multiples ones in a same packaging. For each of them, separate it using freezer paper.

All in all, there are guidelines for you to follow in order to freeze your own meat, poultry and fish for them to stay fresh and safe to eat. Do take note of every little step for in it lies a load of health benefits, not just for you but also the ones around you.…

Benefits of Investing User Experience Design on Your Website

Benefits of Investing User Experience Design on Your Website

Having good user experience design is a competitive advantage that would help company to reach its organizational goals. User experience design focuses on designing a user centric product using empathy as one of the innovative approaches.

There are many advantages of having good user experience as below.

  • Less support and training

With good user experience design, user will automatically know which button to click and where to go. The end to end process is easily walked through without the assistance of a trainer, additional help, or user manual document. The user experience designer would have to think of how human brain would react to a condition, research is very much required in applying user experience design. Being technologically advanced is not enough if the flow or the navigation of the website is not well thought of. Customer is king, that is why we need to conform to the king’s behavior pattern.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

Having easy to use product would give customer high satisfaction. This would gain more customers, increase customer loyalty, and increase interaction and customer service.

  • Greater chance of ROI

With more customers coming in, the number of transactions should rise up. This would bring more profit to the company therefore it is important to invest on user experience in the long term. User experience should not be applied on the website design only, but it should also be applied on the goods you are selling.
Many agencies of web design Malaysia already incorporate user experience into the process of web design. User experience design is the key to the success of all kinds of product. As mentioned above, customer is king. By applying user experience design, we are accommodating the king’s need in feeling and responding while using the product. User experience design is one of the tools used by web design Malaysia in creating a functional and aesthetic design. Although it is not the only tool used by them, it is truly one of the most powerful. …